30 Unique Business Ideas

unique business ideas

A good business is one that fills a need for consumers. Often, this requires finding a gap in the market that no one else is currently filling. If you’re looking for unique business ideas that offer something different than what people are currently used to, read on for a guide.

What Makes a Unique Business Idea?

Unique is a subjective term, so a small business idea may seem unique to some and not to others. However, the term is generally applied to online or local businesses that do something a bit different than what other companies provide or those that find a new way to offer a traditional product or service.


Starting Your Own Business in 2022

Successful businesses in 2022 have to find a way to stand out from the competition. Today’s consumers are price-conscious but still want easy solutions. For example, taking a traditional business model and shifting it to a mobile business may appeal to modern consumers.


Top Unique Small Business Ideas

A unique business venture is one that serves a niche market or delivers a product or service in a new way. Here are several to consider if you’re looking for a business idea in 2022.

1. Dog Walking Business

Dog walking is a great business idea for those who love animals. You can enjoy an easy time outside while still holding onto a day job or working on another business.

2. Food Truck Business

Food trucks provide an alternative to restaurants, with low startup costs and more location flexibility. Many also have unique items on their menus like spicy sriracha donuts or burgers with interesting toppings.

3. Online Course Creator

Instead of teaching in-person courses, offer your knowledge to people online. Online courses are often sold in their completed form so students can work through the content at their own pace.

4. Virtual Personal Training Business

Personal training businesses are often done in person. However, you can now use video chatting programs to work with clients online.

5. Pop-up Retail Stores

Instead of opening your own brick-and-mortar shop, host local events using rented space in your area. This can make shopping more of a novelty.

6. Alternative Wellness Spa

Spas are pretty much everywhere. But yours can stand out by offering unique services like acupuncture or lymphatic massage. You can even focus on a specific area, like a sensory deprivation tank business.

7. Niche Cleaning Business

Instead of offering a range of cleaning services, focus on one area that people need. For example, clean parking lots, upholstery, or siding.

8. Social Media Photographer

Social media influencers have broken into nearly every industry. And they need quality photos to reach their audience. Photographers can specialize in serving these influencers in a unique way to use their talents.

9. Mobile Coffee Shop

Instead of starting a traditional coffee shop, keep startup costs down and go directly to your customers with a mobile cart.

10. Luxury Landscaping Business

Instead of a traditional lawn care business, focus on upscale clients who want intricate designs. For example, you may specialize in topiary sculptures or water features.

11. Novelty Recreational Facility

People love fun experiences that seem out of the ordinary. For example, start an axe-throwing business or offer go-kart races or paintball tracks.

12. Virtual Interior Designer

Instead of working with design clients in person, collect photos of their space and create mock-ups so they can transform rooms on their own.

13. Niche Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce businesses often focus on one specific area. So find a niche that suits your personal interests, like trading cards or vintage t-shirts.

14. Retreat Center

Find a new spin on the traditional hotel. For example, offer a glamping site, corporate retreat center, or wellness-focused hotel.

15. Drone Photographer

Those with photography skills often stick to traditional cameras. But drone photography has taken off over the past decade, especially in construction and the real estate industry.

More Unusual Business Ideas to Create Successful Business Owners

If you’re looking for even more small businesses that provide something new and different, here are some niche business ideas to consider.

16. Pet Influencer Business

If you have a pet, create their own online accounts and partner with businesses looking to target pet owners online.

17. Virtual Stylist Service

Fashionable entrepreneurs can work with clients virtually, offering consultations about style and clothing.

18. Cat Cafe

The idea of a cat cafe can actually translate to any pet-friendly food establishment. You may start a restaurant or bar that welcomes dogs, for instance.

19. Party Entertainer

There are tons of unique business ideas within the party entertainment industry. Think a magician, balloon artist, face painter, etc.

20. Vacation Rental Management

Lots of people are starting their own businesses by purchasing vacation rental properties. Offer management services specifically for these instead of just long-term rentals.

21. Freelance Personal Assistant

People think of personal assistants as long-term positions. However, some people may just need help for a weekend. Offer various services, from errands to cleaning, on a daily or hourly rate.

22. 3D Print Prototyping

3D printing offers tons of possibilities for manufacturers. If you have the equipment, offer these options for a fee.

23. Pet Portrait Service

Artists and photographers can focus specifically on pet portraits to attract customers who love their animals.

24. Niche Pest Control Service

Instead of a range of pest control solutions, focus on a specific area, like wildlife removal or honeybee relocation.

25. Toy Repair Company

Parents may pay decent money to fix their child’s favorite toy. Offer your services locally or by mail.

26. Workplace Wellness Consultant

Wellness is a huge trend for today’s workforce. Provide tips for nutrition, stress reduction, movement, and more.

27. Healthy Vending Machine Sales

Most people think of vending machines as serving chips and soda. Offer healthier options in offices, schools, and shopping centers for something different.

28. Holiday Rental Business

Some people may prefer not to buy tons of holiday decor just to store it all year. So invest in your own and let people rent it instead.

29. Wedding Officiant

Get ordained and offer your services to local couples looking to tie the knot.

30. Mobile Advertising Provider

Put a sign or wrap on your car, bicycle, or even clothing. Then partner with local businesses to spread the word.


What Is the Most Unique Business in the World?

There are tons of unique business ideas that have made money through the years. These include a company that rents cows, one that sells fake wishbones, and another that lets customers mail glitter to their enemies.


What Unique Businesses Can You Start With Nothing?

Online business ideas are often best for those without lots of resources. Try running errands for people locally, signing up as a wedding officiant, or being a party entertainer.


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  1. I like your comment about #7 on your list – niche services. I’ve been in the parking lot litter cleanup business since 1981. It’s all we do. There are plenty of other cleaning companies that try to be the jack of all trades, but wind up being the master of none. There’s something to be said about being seen as the expert in your field.

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