NHS Medical Negligence Claims Rise to £22bn due to ‘no win, no fee’ Lawyers

This article speaks about the practice concerning the ‘no win never fee’ lawyers and how they urge the patients to come to courts and file medical negligence claims there against doctors and other staff and making worse the reputation from the doctors.
When a patient does not receive proper medical treatment from hospitals or clinics and doctors uncertainty medical staff does not diagnose his disease, then he/she has the option to complaint against them in the court in the medical laxness claims. NHS is responsible to handle the medical treatment of the patients in all hospitals and provides them proper medical care to them. On the suing by the patients in the court, NHS has to fight against the case. Until NHS loses the case for medical negligence claims in the court, NHS has to pay the compensated amount to the patients for the redress of the grievances of the patients on the orders of the court.

Due to rush of patients in the hospitals, the doctors face problems to check the patients one by one thoroughly, so some mistakes are occurred midst this course of time. The affected patients rush to the civil courts to lodge the pharmaceutical negligence claims. On the increase in the pharmaceutical negligence claims in the courts and rise in the compensated unit to £22.7billion, British minister put blame over the solicitors, who offer their services to the patients to file the medical negligence claims in the court on the base of no win no fee.

Minister and other individuals of the government said that there are then called legal firms, which has reps, who prowls in the hospitals and clinics and they insist the patients that if doctor or medical crew is not providing you medical treatment or make negligence in providing treatment and care, accordingly their legal organizations will stock them their services for filing of medical slackness claims on no win no fee basis.

The minister also said that about third like the compensated amount of NHS goes into the pockets of these ‘no win no fee’ lawyers through the medical negligence claims of patients. The number regarding medical negligence claims increases by 11 percent if compared with last year claims and the compensated amount was also increased to £5million.