Mediclaim Policy Your True Friend in Medical Crisis!

adamcordprolapse19159.jpg The mediclaim policies have become quite popular recently as the cost of treatment is rising day by day. The hefty cost of treatment is an instantaneous affliction on one’s pocket barring the victim from fulfilling other financial responsibilities. The affordable health insurance system ensures you get timely treatment taking care of your hospitalization bills. The mediclaim policy is a health security coverage that helps you cover your hospitalization expenses beside ease.

The mediclaim line helps you:

* Avail cashless settlement process
* Reimburse hospitalization expenses against the bills

Difference between Cashless Settlement process and Reimbursement process

Once you purchase mediclaim policy you receive Health Care ID and a booklet containing a list of undivided the network hospitals in India. A network hospital is the one which has a nexus raise with your insurance provider and you can avail cashless facility. If you avail treatment in any of the rete hospitals the treatment cost is settled directly near your insurance provider and the hospital. You just requisite to devoted your health warranty provider around 48 hrs in advance earlier getting treatment in the network hospital and show your health care card to the hospital authorities and the rest is taken care concerning the infirmary management and the health care provider. This alley you do refusal have to cuirass out money from your own pocket for availing treatment till the extent of gross insured as per your policy. This is the cashless settlement process under a mediclaim policy.

It may happen that in need regarding emergency you may rush to the nearest hospital to avail the treatment and that hospital may denial be on the network of the insurance provider. This would call for reimbursement process and not cashless facility. In case of reimbursement process, the hospitalization bills are not directly settled by the health commend provider but are reimbursed as the hospital where the strategy takes place is a non-network one.

How to claim reimbursements below mediclaim policy?

You can receive the reimbursement against the materiality handy submitting the bills in original. Apart from medical bills certain other documents are required for reimbursements such as:

* Diagnostic reports
* Details regarding the treatment provided
* Lab investigation reports
* Medical bills
* Defray summary

The list of the documents to be submitted is readily available on the health insurance website or you can get details over phone by calling on their customer care numbers.

You just need to submit all the documents in the specified period of time to avail reimbursements. And be assured it is not a herculean task pro re nata recommended by some. If there is any procedural flaw then only the claim is rejected. Revive the health insurance policies are there to ease your burden not to increase it!

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