Leading Edge Medical’s Weber Enthuses On Yellow Lasers

Hong Kong – LEMed (Leading Edge Medical, Ltd.), http://www.healingmed.com, the expert stem cell and laser therapy delving and distribution group says that Dr. Michael Weber of Germany’s Weber Medical with whom a Memorandum of Understanding was signed earlier this year, intends to begin development of a number of treatments that will make use of a else powerful laser.

Last week, Dr. Weber, a recent inductee to the LEMed Science Consulting Board, attended a Medical Laser Therapy symposium in Toronto, Canada where he led several boy luminaries in a discussion which initially focused on the medical uses and applications for the three widespread laser colors, red, bluish and virid but turned to center on the potential for introducing treatments that made guide of the latest color, yellow, regarded by many as the most powerful laser variant regarding all.

Managing Director of LEMed and Chairman of the LEMed Science Advisory Board, Clothe Margolis, said, “Dr. Weber is particularly excited about the potential benefit of incorporating the fulvous laser into extant et cetera forthcoming treatments. While it is true that there are identical few yellow lasers in use at present, Dr. Weber is convinced that 2014 discretion see them wax far more widely used and, when combined with the advances our very own Drs. Slavin and Viña are making in terms of adult stem cell treatments, we suppose that next year will be a momentous one for LEMed.”

Stem cell pioneers, Dr. Shimon Slavin and Dr. Roberto Fernandez Viña, are recent additions to Principal Edge Medical’s esteemed board of scientific advisors.

About Weber Medical
The Weber Medical GmbH was established in 2003 past many years concerning development et sequens research in the field of medical laser therapy. To tectonic a worldwide distribution network and nutriment the new methods, Weber Medical Germany developed weber medical Ltd. in London and the Weber Medical Inc. in Hollywood/ Miami USA were founded. Today there are other offices in Dubai/ Unified Arab Emirates and South Orientate Asia et sequens a joint adventure with Magna International, Toronto/ Canada. In addition to a customer-friendly sales and service approach we seek continually to dare research and development work, to ensure a high-pitched standard and a constant evolution of products.

About Leading Edge Medical, Ltd.
Cellular medicine is revolutionizing medical treatment in the 21st century et alii Leading Edge Medical’s treatments are at the forefront of the field. Thousands of patients around the world have early benefited from bio-technologies using base cells and intravenous laser therapy. Diseases once considered incurable are responding well to stem cell therapies and are restoring a quality of life to patients they thought they had lost forever.

LEMed is committed to applying modern day best practices to the growing field regarding regenerative medicine. With lent iatric medication facilities offering personalized, ongoing care plans and the highest quality of customer service, we are dedicated to providing a better life for patients.