Leading Edge Medical’s Weber and Slavin Schedule Israel Meeting

Hong Kong – LEMed (Leading Edge Medical, Ltd.), , the specialist stem cell and laser therapy experiment also assignment group announced today that Dr. Shimon Slavin, a late inductee to the LEMed Science Panel Board, will host friend Board member, Dr. Michael Weber, at a meeting in Tel Aviv, Israel in January 2014. Depending upon workload and added commitments, the doctors will use the meeting to blast further developments in combined cellular/laser research.

Dr. Slavin recently attended a laser therapy symposium in Toronto, Canada at which he made a presentation to delegates, which discussed what he described as the “remarkable prima facie of combining adult stem cell therapy with medical laser technology”.

Since the symposium, both physicians have discussed promote collaboration on the research of several treatments that could represent major steps forward in adjuvant to alleviate suffering from a multiplicity of conditions that conventional medicine insists are untreatable.

Dr. Weber has intimated that he discipline likely arrange for unit of Weber Medical’s latest medical laser devices utilizing the yellow laser will accompany him to the meeting in Tel Aviv. It is hoped that both he and Dr. Slavin will provide guidance on how the improved yield of the yellow laser can help improve healing times for certain ailments.

“As we draw towards the close of what has been a landmark year for LEMed’s development, it’s gratifying to recognize that even at this late stage, such is the passion that these two doctors gain for their respective fields that they are always thinking of ways to help people,” said LEMed’s Managing Director, Don Margolis

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