IVF Cost in India a Major Attraction for Medical Tourists

SPAIN-640x426-300x199.jpg In Vitro Fertilization has shown its presence as the best treatment for infertility. IVF is chosen when all other methods of Assisted Reproductive Techniques fail. Medical tourists travelling from exotic have found it as the most effective way of treating their infertility problems. These tourists have built great trust in the doctors and the high quality of treatment given to them. The specialized team of doctors is always ready to assist them in every which way. They are remittable round the clock for them.

IVF Cost in India has been formed keeping the pocket size of different patients in mind. When iatrical expenses in countries abroad is highly expensive, most of patients feel fortunate to use from Low Cost IVF in India.

We have explained the procedure concerning IVF below;
Step One
Ovarian Stimulation, a course of medicines is given to the female for stimulating the ovaries. It helps in producing at least 13-15 mature eggs.
Step Two
Effects of the medicines are analyzed by a series of blood tests and ultra sounds.
Step Three
Maturation of eggs, an injection is used 2-3 days before the eggs are to be collected which enhances the maturity of the eggs.

Step Four
Collection of eggs, quality eggs are retrieved from the female’s body with the help concerning ultrasound guided techniques.

Step Five
On the same day when the eggs are collected the other partner also gives a sample of his sperm and also his sperm is collected.
Step Six
The sperm et alii the eggs are placed together in a laboratory. This is called as the process of fertilization. Fetus is formed as a result of fertilization.
Step Seven
Embryo Transfer, 5 days after the egg is collected the embryo is placed inside the female’s uterus.
Step Eight
Pregnancy tests are conducted to find out if IVF has been flourishing et cetera this is done only after two weeks of the germ transfer.

IVF requires a lot from dedication from patients as well as the doctor’s hand for the reason that every echelon during the course of making pregnancy possible for the infertile couple plays a vital role in deciding how successful will be the treatment.

Cost of IVF ICSI in India varies between US $ 4,500 – $ 5, 500. A large number of treatment tourists have already benefited from the word-class method of IVF given to them at the best clinics of India. These clinics have a specialized team of doctors who are first-ranchers in their fields.

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