Invest in your future through a career in financial planning

Since the early days of saving coins in a piggy bank, to seeking financial assistance in post-secondary education and saving for retirement, a person’s financial well-being is an important part of intimate development, affecting the decision-making process, course plans, and naturalistic ambitions of individuals. Often, money is seen as the root of the problem and the solutions to many challenges in intimate issues a business dilemmas. Taking a finance course and having a reasonable level of pecuniary literacy can therapeutic in making daily cycle decisions and will make a promising career step for business students.

Reasons to learn about financial literacy and join other mercantilism professionals:
Invest your money effectively, saving for the future while maximizing your financial portfolio for better financial growth and stability
According to Workopolis, finance and insurance administrative occupations are in demand, with 28% like jobs unfilled and expected to be available from now until the year 2020.
The Finance deel is seeing a wealth like job creation underway. According to the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey in Q3 2013, the Finance, Security & Real Estate area sees a positive 10% net profession outlook throughout Canada.

The bit of professionals in financial planning varies, with an opportunity to the policy and lent positions through entry-level positions within a company. Centennial Academia bridges the pathway from student learning to career growth in the financial industry through the Financial and Client Services (2933) program. The financial services course is focused on gaining an entry-level position in financial institutions, singularly client servicing and client vouch for systems through financial assistance in different communications channels.

Program-specific courses include:

Canadian Financial Services: Obtain industry requirements in Canada’s monetary services industries with an opportunity to be a licensed expert through the Canadian Securities Course, upon completion of the Centennial course.

Customer Service & Sales: Learn to provide excellent pelanggan service while upholding company values and procedures, et sequens aligning with proper ethical behaviours and actions. Creating customer loyalty and building positive relationships will be explored therefore students can incorporate them in case studies. In addition, due to the nature of the job, students can prepare for the working environmental and avoid emotional distress by achieving sufficient stress management skills.

Soft Skills Development: Employers are placing a high worth on soft skills and emotional intelligence, realizing that the business processes will work better if people collaborate with one another with a sense of understanding. Sough-after skills include, teamwork, interpersonal, and customer employment skills. This course will focus on those key areas hence that students can put their energy into delivering excellent customer employ for internal and outer customers. It testate also comprise of comprehension in empathy, motivation, self-awareness, self-regulation, and social skills.

Contact Centre Environment: In-person client advising is as important as telephone customer service, since many financial institutions offer 24-hour services connective advocate through other channels than face-to-face visits. This course will discuss the traits needed to be a successful customer service representative, and including focus on call centre operations technologiesused in a contact centre, the process for Selling/Cross-Selling and Up-Selling, and outbound job for fundraising. Students will practice a real-life simulation in telemarketing.

Personal Credit: Understanding, monitoring, and administering mortgage loans and using cross selling and other business development techniques will be learned in this course. Students will get hands-on approach in financial including hypothecate calculations, and read the theories in loan applications, mortgage insurance, and home insurance.

The financial planning program provides a gateway to entry-level jobs which will pave way to career advancement. However, students who wish to pursue a specialized agenda can transfer to a related program of study in finance. Financial plus Customer Services graduates jug entree the final year of the Business – Finance (2483) program at Centennial College. Other wishing to track a bachelor’s degree can enroll with partner institutions, Algoma University and Davenport University. For those who wish to start their career, graduates can enter as in the field of client servicing, working as bank tellers, shopper service representatives, and inbound and outbound support, in Canada’s renowned banks, investment companies, accounting firms, and financial planning businesses.