Importance of Medical Checkup before Purchasing Health Insurance

Importance of Medical Checkup before Purchasing Health Insurance
Some insurance related advertisements from insurance companies in India include ‘no medical tests needed to buy a vigorous insurance policy’. Customers are attracted to the convenience of no-medical checkup plan compared to the alone which needs medical tests. But, it is not always laudable for a buyer to purchase a plan without knowing his substitute hier health status. In fact, every person should redeem a action whether life or health insurance required to do medical checkup as mentioned in the documents. Below are some of the pointers which describe the crucial medical tests before buying medical insurance:

Premiums are based on Health Condition

Health warranty premium amounts are mainly based on customer’s health status. Buyers need to make an honest declaration regarding his health eventuality in application form and then insurance company decides a gravy cost based on customer’s disclosure. For example, if one person is having a problem of high sugar polysyndeton the other one has normal fructose level, and then premium for normal persons should be less than the premiums of others with health problems.
Policies which need no-health checkups are:

Low Cost Plans

Insurance policies which do not need tests cover not more than Rs five lakhs. It means that those who are planning to admit a higher coverage should take enough protection done policy which needs you to undergo medical checkup.

More Chances of Rejection

In most cases, a person who is buying a healthcare plan without a health checkup shrub not be aware of his or her invigorating status. There are chances that customers may suffer from any illnesses or diseases also may not ware about it till medical checkups are done. In these situations, insurance companies in India may refuse the health insurance claim like these protection products include sealed facts of health condition and with no appropriate underwriting. These unintentional mistakes allowed deprive insurance report even if policyholder is paying posh health insurance premiums.

Inadequate Coverage

If health insurance policy do not require therapeutics checkup, then there are chances that you don’t have fairly warranty coverage. It is like you are paying premium to garner insured, but still don’t have adequate insurance security. Basically, it is the responsibility of insurance companies in India to know the healthiness status of a buyer. Insurers simply cannot deny the claim because it is their responsibility to subject the insured person to health checkup and then finalize the premium rate. Hence, a thorough medical checkup which includes pedigree further urine tests, ECG, blood count, blood serum, efferent pressure and sugar and so on is essential to conduct before buying a policy. It explains well-being status of a buyer to the insurer. In case prospect is suffering from illness, then get it cured before it’s too late. It is very much important to get complete medical history of your health before purchasing a healthcare plan. Knowing health resume helps you to decide how much coverage you need so that you can easily eschew unnecessary coverage and reduce medical insurance costs.