14 Places to Look for Great Craft Business Names

How to Come Up with Great Craft Business Names

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If you’re thinking of starting your own craft business, you probably already have the skills and product ideas down. But you might not be quite as confident with the business side. A big part of getting your shop up and running is choosing a name, which tends to hold a lot of makers back.

Finding the Perfect Craft Business Names

Craft business names are often fairly, cute, creative and even punny. If you’re drawing a blank on any ideas, there are plenty of online resources you can use to spur your creativity. Here are some options for coming up with unique craft business names.

Shopify Name Generator

The popular ecommerce platform offers a tool to help you find a relevant name. You just enter a word that you want your name to include and it comes up with a list of ideas that feature that particular word with different descriptors. You can then select one and go right to open a storefront on Shopify, if that’s the platform you want to use.

Naming Force

If you’re looking to outsource the creation of your business name, Naming Force lets you start a contest to entice others to submit their ideas. You pay a fee and set some parameters and then the platform gives you a list of the best submitted names that you can pick from.

Rocket Business Builder

If you’re just looking for a good, solid name for a creative business, Rocket Business Builder has provided a short list on its site that you can use for inspiration. Most involve the word “craft” in some way. So you could use them for a generic craft business or make adjustments to suit your specialty.

Brand Boy

Another site to pull inspiration from, Brand Boy offers a list full of names of existing craft businesses that might be able to create some inspiration for your own business name ideas.


If you’re looking for a more seasoned eye to name your business, consider hiring a freelancer on Fiverr to come up with an idea or a list of possibilities.

Brand Bucket

This site actually offers business names and domains for sale. So if you’re looking to purchase a brand rather than start one, you can browse by category. But you could also potentially sift through some of the names available and just use them to come up with your own unique name.


Brandon Gaille’s site also offers a list of craft business names that come from existing businesses. There’s more than 101 names on this list, so they may be able to provide the starting point for an original idea.

Business Name Generator

This site offers name generators for a number of industries. But it has a page that’s specifically for craft businesses. The generator works similar to others, with the ability for you to submit a word or phrase that you want included. But it also offers some naming tips that are specifically for craft businesses.

Brands Are Boring

For a more professional approach to naming, Brands Are Boring is an agency that offers a naming service. It’s not specifically for craft businesses, but does tend to take a personal and creative approach, which intersects with the craft world nicely.


Squadhelp actually offers a couple of different naming options, including a generator and a contest platform. You can pay to have your contest broadcast to people who submit name ideas. You can even bundle it with contests for logo and branding creation.


This money saving/earning website offers a list of business name ideas that you can draw inspiration from for your own crafty business. It also features an article with some tips for coming up with an original name. Most are pretty punny, if that’s what you’re looking for.


Not specifically for craft businesses, but this name generator takes a descriptor or word that you like and turns it into a made-up word. It could be a good fit for creative businesses that want their name to be something sort of silly and fun.


There’s a good chance that if you’re starting a craft business, you’re going to sell on Etsy. The popular ecommerce platform has provided a post with naming tips, along with forums that you could use to potentially bounce ideas off of other sellers. And once you have an idea, it’s a good idea to do a quick Etsy search to make sure it’s not being used by another seller.

Social Media

If none of these lists or generators hold the answer for your craft business name, you could turn to your own customers or followers on social media. Post a question on Facebook or another platform, or even entice them with your own contest to have them submit names of businesses that they’d like to shop from.

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