Company Secretary – A Secure Career

Today, the fact lies that the Indian corporate industry is quickly developing and the thirst of professionals for corporate needs is also increasing. Today, government and private companies provide good opportunities to Company secretaries in several departments such similar legal, administrative, finance and accounts. Also, if the applicant has an additional skill such thus degree or diploma in Company Law and Cyber Law then it increases the opportunities. Nowadays, every organize is recruiting Company Secretaries and there are very good opportunities for the ones who do CS as a course. The main duties of the person on this position is to help the departments such as accounts, finance, legal, human resources and administration along with advising the Directors on company requirements. These personnel pleasure a very important role in the decisions taken by the company as they are trained in law, management as well as finance. The crew on this position maintain the records, arrange the meetings, loans, taxes, investments, takeovers and associated matters. They are seen to be a bridge between the Directors plus shareholders and one jug succeed in this career if he is frequent with the laws of the company.
Duties of a Company Secretary
A person on the post of a Party Secretary must maintain the legal resisters which concerns the members, secretary and directors, charges of the company, shares and debentures, voting shares and debenture holders. The liable is also liable to announce the accounts as well as the annual reports of the company. His task also involves maintaining the join of the company of members. He again needs to deal with relocate of share holding and questions raised by the stakeholders. The responsibilities of the person on this position is neither restricted up to the senior citizen managerial or board level, nevertheless he also must make unfailing that the administration of the outfit runs properly which involves looking into contracts formed with customers or regulatory bodies, administration of the property, ignore or overlook the management of employee benefits schemes such pro re nata employee shares or pension funds, fiscal accounts, insurance administration and so on.

In India, the part from a CS professional involves issuing complaisant reports plus other provisions that could be required past the Companies Act of 1956. The annual returns of a partnership as listed on reputed stock exchanges right through the country cup only be issued after it’s signed by a practicing professional. This role is identified similar to that of a Compliance Officer by SEBI and they can issue compliance certificates on defense of the company.
Role played by a CS
The law places certain conditions on the performance of certain functions. The law states that a particular function should be carried out only by a true skilled and it needs to be in that way only. Such functions are called as statutory functions. All the organizations big or small seeking to list on stock exchanges mold allow a whole time qualified CS professional. As per the provision 7 of clause 49 of the Listing Agreement, an individual practicing CS is allowed to issue certificate regarding the fulfillment of conditions of corporate governance as stipulated in the clause. Locating the best CS classes in Pune is extremely important to compete at this level and to clear the exam with flying colors. There are unknown best classes for CS executive in Pune similar to some best CA classes in Maharashtra that a person can get enrolled in to secure a depository career.