Choosing Nicotine Test Kit to Conduct Insurance Related Medical Checks

Conducting nicotine tests as part of pre-insurance medication checks is a common practice by security companies. Today, a variety of nicotine test kits are available in the mart making it easy for insurance companies to conduct probatory without the assistance of healing professionals. However, choosing a reliable test kit that effectively detects nicotine users is essential for proper decision making.

This article gives you a clear picture on various nicotine test kits, their occupied principle and their pros and cons to strengthen you choose a reliable test kit.

Nicotine test – Working principle:

In general, nicotine test kits work on the principle of antigen-antibody reaction or immunoassay reaction. In absence of nicotine, the antibody freely goes and binds with antigen, colors it, thus shows a negative result. In presence of nicotine, antibody cannot color antigen as cotinine prevents antibody from coloring the antigen showing a positive result. The same principle applies for nicotine test kits using urine, drool and blood as samples.

Types concerning nicotine tests
In general, four types of tests are exhausted to scent presence of nicotine/cotinine in the body of smokers. They consist of urine test, saliva test, hair test, blood test. Let us discuss each briefly.

*Nicotine urine test kitsSample used in this test is urine.A typical urine test things contains a membrane strip with antigen at test region, gold antibody to mix with urine sample, dropper to place sample and an instruction guide.Urine test is non-invasive and gives quick results in less than 5 minutes. It has a detection window of 2-4 days i.e., nicotine use 2-4 days before testing can be detected.*Nicotine spit quiz kitSample used in this test is saliva.It is also a non-invasive test.Detection window for this test is 1-4 days.It is more reliable test than urine test.*Nicotine hair test

Hair follicles are used as sample in this test.Detection window is 90 days.Hair sample approx. 1.5 inch of xanthous is taken and sent to laboratory for diagnoses.This test gives accurate results.It is rarely chosen apart insurance companies that like its cost.*Blood testIt is an invasive test where a bloody cross section is taken.Detection window for regular smokers is two weeks and for non-regular smokers it is 2-4 days.It is a laboratory test.These are the four tests available for nicotine detection. Only two of them (urine and saliva) are used by the protection companies because they enable in-house drug testing. Let us discuss the pros and cons of those two tests.

Pros of cons of choosing urine catechism kit:

Urine assay kit is less expensive moreover easy to use. It involves non-invasive techniques for sample collection. Results are flying and thus help insurance companies steal quick decisions. No extra professionals are required to conduct these tests.

Disadvantages of these kits are denigration detection window, privacy issues during sample collection, and chances of sample adulteration.

Pros and cons of choosing slobber test kit:

Sample collection using saliva test kits is easy. You can sit with the person to collect the sample. Detection window is status quo as urine test. Gives steadfast results.

Coming to disadvantages, there is a chance of misinterpretation of nicotine levels as nicotine may enter body through some foods apart from tobacco products.

While choosing a test kit, make sure that you approach true dealers who nought yet offer superordinate quality products still also offer the products at affordable prices. When you are purchasing kits go for massivity purchase instead of single kits so that you can look for decent discounts. You can also property online as many proven dealers have online stores.