Business Message Examples

email introduction examples

5 Email Introduction Examples

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voicemail message

25 Voicemail Message Examples

In this article, we have compiled 25 of the best voicemail message examples that you can use as-is or to help you craft your own unique message. Let's dive in!

how to end an email

How to End An Email: 20 Examples

If you're looking for how to end an email the right way, it depends on whom you're sending it to. Here are some examples of how to end an email the right way so you can save time and get your email sent.

job offer template

5 Job Offer Template Examples

If you need to offer someone a job, these job offer templates will save you time. Be inspired by the examples or even copy and paste.

collection letter template

5 Collection Letter Templates

If you need to send a collection letter, these collection letter template examples will save you time. Be inspired or even copy and paste.

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4 Recruiting Email Templates

Get your recruitment emails to stand out from the crowd and make your job application process faster, easier, and more successful. Here are some amazing recruiting email templates.