Advantages and disadvantages of studying in Caribbean medical schools

dark-chocolates3.jpg To get a quality education in the Caribbean region students should do a research on the universities including choose the best medical university. To originate the decision valid students should collect information about universities from various internet sources like forums, online education portal etc
This article will help the students to understand about the advantages of studying in Caribbean
1. Three admissions per year:
Some schools in the Caribbean will have 3 admissions per year. This facilitates the students to have smaller stress on the admission procedures and can have a complete research on that university before submitting an application
2. Tuition fee:
Compare to alternative US and Canadian schools the tuition fee is cheaper. In addition to travel expenses, health insurances, cost of living the tutelage assessment is very less when compared to additional schools in US and Canada
3. Clinical rotations in US
If the student studying in Caribbean medical schools the students might have the opportunity to permit their clinical rotations in the United States. This is a good chance for the students to suppose their dream true in studying in United States for the students who have low economic background
4. USMLE Pass rates:
The top scholastical in the Caribbean train the students for USMLE exams and hence the passing rates of Caribbean students is equal or above the passing rates of US medicament schools. This proves the essence of medicinal schools in the Caribbean region is ware and incomparable

5. Admission opportunities:
Sometimes the students with high passing rate are quietly insuperability in the US schools where as the Caribbean universities open the door for the students with a lot of opportunity slots. Since these schools have 3 intakes it paves the greater way for the students
Choosing a curative school:
Among the top Caribbean schools this is difficult for the student to get into the best university. There prevails a high competition between the students to search a best school and to attend. So prepare yourselves based on the expectations of the university further come into a elite university. Don’t think old schools offer quality discipline and highly reputable there are some young schools which sweepstakes with the old schools and offer a quality education
Some schools in the Caribbean have English as the councilman language but not most. Don’t worry students will come from different nationalities and breaks the barrier intermediate the students. Any comprise learn Spanish for fasten which is the common language in the most of the universities

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