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Company offers a team-based office of medical transcription and has a seasoned staff of highly skilled medical typists, editors and other professionals that provide personal attention to fulfill our client’s needs. With access to over 200 medical transcriptionists, we have experience in virtually all major medical specialties medical transcription office, based in Manila, Philippines is staffed by trained Medical Transcriptionists. In addition to providing continuing professional development and training,Transcription office offers all kind of outsourced medical transcription office to overseas healthcare industry at very affordable price. As hospitals, clinics, physicians and government healthcare departments depends heavily on professional medical transcription service providers companies and organizations to help them with accurate, secure and on-time transcription from recorded audio, medical records.

Medical transcription office and service provider. We offer a range of medical transcription office as well as dictation transcription office, medical transcription outsourcing along with the latest Document Management System. This is one stop shop for all your medical transcription office need. We have an experience of over 5 years in this field and it’s our constant endeavour to bridge the Quality gap and serve our customers better that the existing market. DT Systems LLC is owned and operated by a Physician, Transcription office provides medical transcription for hospitals in and around the West Midlands which is both cost effective and flexible. We specialise in transcribing highly confidential in-house meetings between hospital staff and patient’s families as well as providing transcripts for coroner’s inquests, both where multiple speakers are present. .

Mukker as well as a team of qualified medical transcriptionists dictations our MTs are certified medical language specialists and many have completed training in healthcare or allied health professions. Together we put pride in our professional integrity to ensure the highest levels of accuracy, productivity and privacy.Our existing clients use our office either as a complete solution for their typing needs sending the entirety of their dictation work to us, or as a backup during their peak times. We have been providing a first class, fast and accurate medical transcription service for our existing clients in Birmingham, Shrewsbury, Telford & Wolverhampton with very positive feedback saving them a vast amount of time and money. Transcription office is registered with the ICO and complies with Data Protection Act Information & Security. We do not store or pass on personal data to third parties.