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Providing quality HIPAA Compliant medical transcription services, since 1999, for its clients worldwide, and has gained immense knowledge working on various specialties. Our passion for words and right expressions to convey information precisely and effectively helps us provide world class medical transcription services. Our ability to work on wide HIPAA Compliant medical aspects,Transcription is one of the country’s most trusted transcription services companies. We have 15 years of experience providing transcription services to hospitals, HIPAA Compliant medical clinics, physician practices, law firms, attorneys, private investigators, police departments and insurance companies. Clear Choice specializes in a wide variety of medical specialties as well as legal, business and insurance situations that require accurate, professional and fast transcription services. Our trained transcriptionists can transcribe nearly any audio or video file to a 99% accuracy level. cost effectiveness and quality services makes us an even more preferred option for all HIPAA Compliant medical transcription needs. provides transcription services to HIPAA Compliant medical practitioners in the United States and other parts of the world. Transcripts are delivered in the format specified by the client, and sent through secured channels..

HIPAA Compliant medical transcription services to leading hospitals, medical centers, and physician’s offices. Philbrick’s high regard in the HIPAA Compliant medical records community throughout the State of Connecticut and beyond has been achieved and maintained as a result of our personalized services and communication with our clients.Transcription has set the industry standard for performance, professionalism and value. Our team of trained and experienced transcriptionists and editors are dedicated to excellence and passionate about customer satisfaction.roved to be a pioneer in providing transcription & translation services, language solutions, web solutions, database management etcetera to most of the companies all around the world. Transhiva is the first choice for most of the global customers to be the partners. Apart from providing services, we strive very hard to meet the business targets of our customers. We offer our clients a wide array of value-add and support services . .

Own transcriptionist as well as trained backup should the practice's HIPAA Compliant medical transcription needs become particularly great. A Supervisor is assigned to every transcriptionist. Our Operations Director serves in a managerial status over our Supervisors and is the person who will communicate with your practice on a direct basis. A member of our team should be accessible to you at all times. Each team member is required to execute and abide by a strict confidentiality policy which is implemented at the time of hiring.n hospitals, dictations are usually transcribed by in-house or external typing pools, while in practices, physicians occasionally do it themselves or hand transcription off to the secretarial staff. But using a professional HIPAA Compliant medical transcription service has many advantages.